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As DAYBREAK marks its 35th year in business, we are excited to introduce our “Partners Serving EAPs” sm.  The mutual goal of our partnerships is to add value to the products and services we offer to our mutual customers.



ABE logoOur partnership with ABE enables users of  DAYBREAK’s Affiliate Management System to immediately be linked to ABE and expand their Affiliate network by identifying new, highly trained, advanced-level, credentialed practitioners from ABE’s database containing 8,000 clinical social workers.

ABE is a national, non-profit, clinical credentialing organization representing over 8,000 clinical social workers.  Users can sort the database for members who have listed their specialties as EAP, substance abuse disorders, family violence, and PTSD.  ABE also offers specialty credentials in Working with Children and Families and Clinical Social Work Supervision. 

To view what ABE has to offer as you look for Affiliates click here:



Proto CallThe partnership between DAYBREAK and ProtoCall Services, Inc. will enable the mutual users to electronically transfer data from ProtoCall directly into DAYBREAK software.  This provides a significant savings in staff time and increased accuracy of data entry to DAYBREAK users.

ProtoCall Services, Inc. is the nation's leading third-party provider of clinical call-center services to the behavioral health field and the winner of the NCCBH Award for Excellence in Service to the Behavioral Health Industry.  Established in 1992, ProtoCall responds to calls on behalf of 180 organizations including EAPs who look to ProtoCall's team of clinicians to provide a level of access and coverage that they typically could not otherwise afford.  ProtoCall employs more than 100 Masters and Doctorate Level clinicians and operates two national service centers.

To view ProtoCall’s services click on this link.



The Center for EAP Benchmark SurveysThe Center for EAP Benchmark Surveys provides electronic surveys to clients, supervisors, company contacts and other groups to evaluate your services.  The ability to send electronic surveys to those clients who requested one is built into DAYBREAK EAP Software.  There is a question in the client and supervisor modules and an email is then automatically sent with a link to a web based survey.  The data is then automatically transferred into the DAYBREAK QA report.  After entering the client’s choice of an electronic survey and their email address, the EAP does nothing except print the corresponding QA report.  Time, postage, supplies, data entry are just some of the cost savings.  The surveys are completed by an ‘outside’ firm which will increase honesty to the questions and increase the return rate.

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Chestnut Global Partners logoOur partnership with Chestnut Global Partners (CGP) enables users of DAYBREAK to immediately implement CGP’s Workplace Outcome Suite (WOS ) in their EAP.  WOS is a research based outcome tool designed speci-fically for EAPs to measure the workplace effects of their interventions.  Both at the time of the initial visit and about 90 days after DAYBREAK enables its users to enter the pre and post survey data and to generate a report.  Rigorous research standards are required as to the number of respondents, rate of return, etc. in order for your outcome evaluation to be highly credible.  Implementation of EAP research is time consuming and can be costly, but the new partnership between  DAYBREAK and CGP enables an ease of facilitating the data entry and production of reports that are rigorous and defensible when presenting to stakeholders.

Drs. Sharar and Lennox from CGP, and Dr. Jodi Jacobson from the University of Maryland, are contributors to this effort to utilize a research based tool, make it easy to implement and to maintain the rigors of research.

For specifics of the WOS go to:



Life Advantages logoLife Advantages is a leader in providing online Work Life Services to Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). Life Advantages provides an array of resources, unmatched in quality, breadth, and accessibility, designed to support, guide, educate, and solve issues that affect well-being and productivity. Our products and services are tailored to meet the unique need of each organization and can include in person, telephonic, and web-based support.

The partnership between DABREAK and Life Advantages enables their mutual users to electronically transfer data from Life Advantages directly into our mutual customers DAYBREAK software. This process provides a significant savings in staff time and increases accuracy of data entry to DAYBREAK users. It enables EAP’s who use DAYBREAK to report of the value Life Advantages provides to their customers.

To view Life Advantages services click on this link.



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